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The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran

Parrots magazine April 2012

Parrot Rescue Essentials - Part 1

Whenever I have brought a parrot, or another bird, into my home as a rescue, the moment I walk through the front door with the travel carrier in hand, the new arrival goes directly into quarantine. Quarantining new arrivals is a vital and important part of any avian healthcare program. But before we discuss the value of this practice in aviculture, let’s focus on some natural and holistic tools to help these birds handle the physical and emotional trauma and stress of what they’ve been through, while also helping them cope with the change of a new environment.

There are five areas of action that I begin integrating into the lifestyle and habits of all the birds I rescue and care for. These include:

• Improving their diet.
• Using Flower Essences.
• Feeding avian probiotics.
• Allowing the bird to choose their level of interaction.
• Introducing and teaching them to play with new toys in a relaxed and gradual manner.

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