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Breeding and keeping the Vasa Parrot

Parrots magazine 170, March 2012

Three is not always a crowd!

Steve Garvin talks to Pauline James about his love for Vasas, and explains that these highly intelligent birds with amazing personalities, are in a class of their own.  Is it possible that one day they could rival African Greys in the popularity stakes?

The Greater Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis vasa), and the Lesser Vasa (C. nigra), also known collectively as the Black Parrots, are probably the most unusual parrots in the world, and apart from their beak, feet and parrot-like, squared-off tails, are unlike any other parrot on earth. They are not bright and colourful, have matt grey plumage, gangling legs and an elongated body and neck, giving them a rather reptilian and primitive appearance. But, their amazing personalities, and their high levels of intelligence, put them in a class of their own, as far as the bird-keepers that own them are concerned.

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