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Living with the Rat Pack

Living with the Rat Pack

… and 70 other ‘companion’ parrots!

Angela Kemp from Murray Bridge, South Australia is disabled, and parrots are her life. But, although her birds have brought her great joy, she and her husband Frank have suffered much heartache too. They had a brush with the PBFD virus, after dealing with an unscrupulous, but well-known breeder, who keeps huge numbers of parrots in filthy conditions, near to where they live.

Pat Pat, a male Galah, Emi a female Jendaya Conure, and Favouri a male Cinnamin Green-cheeked Conure, came to us in that order as hand-raised babies over the last four years, and are known in our house as the Rat Pack! The two males, Pat Pat and Favouri, both love Emi, and jostle for her attention, but generally they all get along well, go around together in a threesome, and get themselves in all sorts of mischief, which is how they got their name!

Pat Pat has always been a quiet and loving Galah, who loves nothing more than to make friends with the other birds, especially the girls, and when Emi our Jendaya came along, he was so excited to have a new friend to play with! Emi actually helped bring Pat Pat out of his shell, as our Jendaya is a real people person. In the mornings she is particularly cuddly, and loves snuggling up with us, and now when Pat Pat doesn’t immediately get what he wants, he flies to one or other of us, and nibbles our ears, as if to say, ‘Pay attention to me, will you?’

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