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The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran

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Nutrition for Preventing Aspergillosis, Part 2

As we see the pieces of the puzzle fall into place for preventing aspergillosis, we keep coming back to the pivotal role that nutrition plays in having our birds be healthy and disease free. To further explore why we need to feed our bird’s differently, let’s take a look at how commonly accepted feeding practices fall short of properly nourishing our birds.

Examining Nutrients in Certain Foods

For this I turn to the research paper, ‘Estimated Nutrient Content of Diets Commonly Fed to Pet Birds’, by L. Hess DVM, G. Mauldin, DVM, MS, and K. Rosenthal, DVM, MS, published in the March 30, 2002, issue of “The Veterinary Record”.

The data for this study was collected over a 10 month period, and the caretakers of 135 pet birds were surveyed by questionnaire to determine the food their birds ate over a one week period. Six groups were identified based upon the percentages of certain foods the birds ate, formulated diets, seeds and 106 named human foods.

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