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The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran

Parrots magazine October 2011

Cycling Infections – Yeast & Bacteria Nutrition Transforms a Life

“The relationship with Lily, my Lilac Crowned Amazon, isn’t effortless like with my other parrots. Interacting with her takes a lot of patience, I rarely see improvement and she always seems unhappy. Her most common activities are sleeping, eating and sitting on top of her cage staring at the wall - this disturbs me.” When Marilyn contacted me for a personalized consultation with Lily these keys points caught my attention with a snap.

Marilyn continued, “When she’s not feeling well I get the distinct impression that she’d rather just sit in her cage and be left alone - this just breaks my heart. When she’s feeling well, she’ll sit facing out more. Or she’ll sit on the cage door. But when she’s facing the wall, that’s one way I can tell that she’s sick.”

“Then, when she goes on the medications I usually see an almost immediate improvement in her demeanor. However, when she’s completed all the doses and her gram stain is clear, I slowly watch her go back to being sullen, scared and grumpy.” Marilyn sighed. “Then I take in another dropping sample for a gram stain and she’s started on medication all over again. Her usual diagnosis is either yeast or clostridium. You ask how long has this been going on … it’s been years.”

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