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Companion Parrots May Be Less Lonely When They Phone Their Feathered Friends. By GrrlScientist
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Are Your Parrots Wasting Vegetables? Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
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Complete Psittacine by EB Cravens

Parrots magazine October 2011

Gosh, no! A Solitary Baby to Raise

On the spur of the moment, April and I decided to allow our two elderly Cape Parrots, Huka and Ali, to lay eggs and raise a family during the shorter day winter season.

A fine prospective owner in Seattle, WA, who gets to frequently visit with one of Ali’s former sons from a couple of years back, wanted to have a sibling, so we arranged with our friends at Denise’s Parrot Place to receive a clutch this season and pass one fledgling on to this conscientious man. The trouble is, our Capes were being housed in a new 8ft by 12ft walk-in aviary for the first time, and after many weeks delay, when they were finally finished settling in, they raised only one baby chick.

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