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What Does Polly Say? Species Differences In Vocal Learning By Parrots Revealed By Citizen Scientists by GrrlScientist
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Good management to avoid hand-rearing. By Rosemary Low
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The Never ending Enrichment Conundrum. Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
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The Cost of Living … with parrots. By Catalina Tate & Rebecca Pauli
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Parrots magazine September 2011

 How a simple and cost effective procedure can save much trauma and give peace of mind – John Catchpole explains

With the increase in thefts and loss of all animals, micro-chipping has, without doubt, become the most effective way of identification to aid recovery. And birds need to be accurately identified, not only for when they are recovered after being stolen, but also when being found after escaping.

At Parrots magazine, we receive many calls when a parrot has been found, but its owner cannot be found. Even with a closed ring, it is not always possible to identify the owner. This can cause some sadness with the finder as they are often anxious to find the owner, fully realising that someone has lost a loved companion. Also, a finder may decide to keep a bird that they have become very attached to, only to be confronted, one day, when the true owner finally tracks it down. Then there can be a real problem!

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