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In issue 285 -
Sprouting for parrots. By Jamie Gilardi – Executive Director of the World Parrot Trust
In issue 285 -
Parrot Therapy – How to give your birds the best experience. By Caroline Ashbolt
In issue 285 -
What we’re learning from the Healthy Bird Project. The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran
In issue 285 -
The good, bad and ugly – Philippine Cockatoo conservation. By David Waugh, Correspondent, Loro Parque Fundación
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News from the Loro Parque Fundación

Parrots magazine edition 162

by Dr Matthias Reinschmidt, Zoological Director, Loro Parque Fundación

Now the breeding season is in full swing, so much so that since the beginning of this year we have already been able to put rings on 600 young parrots.  Every day new pairs start to breed and with new arrivals, the work in our Baby Station in Loro Parque increases day by day.

We achieved a very special breeding success with the White-headed parrots (Pionus seniloides).  These came to us in 2008 from a breeding station in Mexico.  Now, a pair has, for the first time, laid three eggs, although only one was fertile.  For security reasons, we took this first clutch and put it under an experienced breeding pair of Scaly-headed parrots (Pionus maximiliani).

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