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Sussex Amazona – I have a Dream! by Valerie Lawler

Parrots magazine June 2011

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Nestling in an area of outstanding beauty in West Sussex, lies an abandoned cement works, and for 20 years this derelict site has been an eyesore spoiling the breathtaking views of the South Downs. I drive past this site every day as I go to work and can never resist a sneak look over and think how wonderful this place could be for the many parrots and parakeets that are unwanted or abandoned!

Not just our country, but our very planet is being destroyed at the hands of us humans and unless we do something about it, there will be very little to enjoy for decades to come. As the late Mike Reynolds of the World Parrot Trust said, “If we can save the parrots, we might just save ourselves.” We are merely custodians of our planet and must hand it on to our future generations in tact.

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