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Do breeding parrots benefit from enrichment? by Pauline James

Parrots magazine 159

Do breeding parrots benefit from enrichment? by Pauline James

Much has been documented on the importance of enrichment in a companion parrot’s day-to-day life, and as a result, a greater understanding of a parrot’s needs has been taken on-board by many carers of companion birds over the last few years, and pet birds generally are enjoying a more fulfilling and better quality of life.  But, what about breeding pairs of parrots, do they benefit from higher levels of enrichment too?

Think about the birds with little or no enrichment, kept in flights where their only view is row upon row of stark, steel aviary panels, with not a tree, shrub or grass in sight.  Could it be that these pairs of birds, in their enclosed world of boarded-up aviary panels and concrete, would feel uplifted by being able to see the more natural things in life going on outside, or around them?  And, would they as a result, go into breeding with a happier and more relaxed approach?

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