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Complete Psittacine by EB Cravens

Parrots magazine - 159

Seasonal Diet Modifications

The vernal equinox is fast approaching and the days in the northern hemisphere have been growing longer for roughly three months now.  And all my parrot’s eating habits are changing with the season, which happens nearly every year at this time.

Oh, some belated cold spells or overdue dry season to rainy season changes, also affect what happens out in the aviary food bowls.  But by and large, it is the length of daylight hours, the warm temperatures of spring and the hormonal surges associated with such changes that determine how my parrots prefer to eat.  I do not keep southern hemisphere cockatoos, of course, and they can behave a bit opposite to all the South American species when it comes to hormones and breeding time, but even my African psittacines that nest in the winter months have begun modifying what they select from their food dish every morning and evening.

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