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The sweet-natured Blue-headed Parrot

Parrots magazine March 2011

– ideal as a first companion parrot, but not always easy to breed, explains Pauline James

Blue-headed parrots are without doubt the sweet-hearts of the parrot world, and these easily tamed, sweet-natured birds are ideal for anyone who adores parrots. They make an ideal first parrot, are an excellent choice for families, and are perfect for apartment dwellers, or those who live in close proximity to neighbours, where noise could be an issue, as these birds are relatively quiet. They are capable of quite a loud shriek, but don’t often use it, and overall, are considered a lot less noisy than most other parrots.

Although parrots of the Pionus species, in general, are not great talkers, Blue-headed parrots are probably the most talented, with some individuals mastering a vocabulary of up to 20 words, but this is not the characteristic that they are most appreciated for. It is all about their steady, friendly disposition, their gentle, trusting, easy-going nature, and their inquisitive and comical antics, that make these sometimes bashful, but stunningly beautiful birds, particularly endearing.

Blue-heads usually get on very well with other family pets, especially other parrots and dogs, but it is important that they be well-socialised from a young age in order that they become a devoted pet to all family members. Otherwise, mature birds, and males especially, can become exclusively bonded to one person, and may even aggressively try and defend that person, from perceived dangers from other family members or pets.

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