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Touring Europe with two Amazons

Touring Europe with two Amazons

Touring Europe with two Amazons

David Vickery tells of the pleasure of travelling through Europe with his two Amazons and how such a trip need not be a daunting expectation.

I have recently completed a three month tour of Europe with my son and my two Amazon parrots, but first, I will tell how it was that I was spending so long in Europe. I will then explain the DEFRA controlled procedures for taking pet parrots abroad and then outline the pros and cons, the good things and the not so good things. Hopefully by then, I will have explained that it is not difficult to take your pet parrots on holiday with you.

I am retired and my son, Adam, is a European modern languages undergraduate, and as part of his studies, he had to spend a year in Europe. Well, after several jobs he had, the last one fell through at the last minute, so to the rescue came Dad! With the family caravan, I booked a tour of France travelling from East to West on the condition that we could first spend a week in the Rhine Valley in Germany. You see, I had missed out on a school trip to the Rhine Valley many years ago, but as I don’t speak more than five words of German, I have never plucked up the courage to go. But being able to do it with Adam, who can speak fluent German, was an opportunity too good to miss!

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