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Companion Parrots May Be Less Lonely When They Phone Their Feathered Friends. By GrrlScientist
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A Grey-breasted Parakeet love story. By Rosemary Low
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Remote monitoring of Carnaby’s Cockatoo movements and behaviour. By David Waugh
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Are Your Parrots Wasting Vegetables? Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
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Complete Psittacine by EB Cravens

Complete Psittacine by EB Cravens

A Return Visit to Our Local Adoption Facility

April and I took another trip to our local adoption refuge a short time ago. This time it was for the purpose of dropping off two pairs of conures no longer wanted by their keepers who are retiring aviculturists. It was the second such journey in two weeks, the first had been to deliver a twenty four year-old male Moluccan Cockatoo and two unhappy Amazon parrots of different species. All three were given to us to re-home when the owner could no longer care for them because of serious personal health issues.

While there, we took our customary tour around the premises to see the most recent arrivals in the cages and flights up and down the hill. I will not say it was depressing because there were about as many happy birds and positive rescue stories as there were sad ones and negative ‘placements’. What it really was, was a healthy dose of realism. One thing stands out in my mind, however, as I write this Complete Psittacine column:

“Every single parrot breeder, hand feeder, pet store worker, aviculturist, and birdkeeper of any sort should be persuaded to make a similar excursion to the avian sanctuary nearest them to see firsthand what is happening at such places…”

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