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Breeding budgerigars for pleasure

By Pauline James

Over the last century, millions of households in the UK, and around the world, have enjoyed the companionship of the affectionate and undemanding budgerigar. Their joyful chattering and their exceptional ability to mimic have both cheered and delighted us. In fact, budgies have traditionally been the most popular and most widely kept bird ever, and are the most domesticated bird in the world.

But, as well as budgies making adorable and confiding pets, these naturally active and sociable grass parakeets, which fly around in huge colonies in the barren and arid interior of Australia, also make wonderfully energetic and colourful aviary occupants too.

If you already have a resident budgie indoors, I’m not suggesting for a minute that he would be happier if you place him outside in a flock. In fact, he could end up very dejected and unhappy, especially if he has been a companion bird since a young chick and has only ever been used to human company. No, I am suggesting that if you want to get more involved with these delightful birds, put several in a good-sized flight and enjoy the pleasures of a breeding colony of budgerigars.

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