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Identifying how stressful and anxious behaviours are impacted by nutrition

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The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran

For some parrot caregivers it can be difficult to admit that the ‘best care’ they are giving may be falling short of what their avian companion truly needs. This month we explore the signs of stress in a parrot. Once aware of these clues this knowledge will help you identify the areas where positive change can be introduced into your husbandry and care. We’ll also explain how balanced nutrition can help your parrot more effectively cope with these situations.

According to board certified avian specialist Laurie Hess, DVM, DABVP, “Birds are psychologically complicated creatures, as they are very smart and socially very needy.” Hess further explains that, “It can be very difficult for avian caregivers to recognise when a bird is stressed or unhappy. Birds can certainly feel these emotions, and hide them until these feelings become so extreme that they are manifested either physically (in disease) or behaviourally.”

And from Australian, Bird Specialist Dr Deborah Monks says: “With birds, anxiety disorders are often not considered as a diagnosis until the animal (or the caregivers), are at a crisis point and even then, treatment tends to focus on the clinical signs rather than the cause of the underlying anxiety disorder.”

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