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Paradise Park – 51 years after it was founded

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by Rosemary Low

Cornwall never loses its appeal as a holiday destination. The scenery and surfing are without parallel in the UK and the gardens and other visitor attractions are superb. If you are lucky enough to go to Hayle in Cornwall you can feast your eyes on what is undoubtedly one of the best bird collections in the UK: Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary. In fact, I would say ‘the’ best, for the range of species, the breeding successes and the numbers of birds. Sadly, many zoos in the UK have reduced their bird collections so it is worth a long journey to visit this outstanding park.

The planting throughout is tasteful, mature and semi-tropical in this warmer climate. The gardens are designed to complement the exotic wildlife, and to provide nectar for native pollinators. Throughout most of the year they are a blaze of colour and blossom.

Paradise Park celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. It was opened in 1973 after some years of planning and hard work. Situated on Cornwall’s north coast, it is five miles from the holiday resort of St Ives and 17 miles from Land’s End. The park overlooks Hayle estuary, also of interest to bird lovers with waterfowl and waders easily viewed.

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