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Security – with crime on the increase we must keep our wits about us

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by Tony Edwards

Security has always been a big issue with keeping parrots, bearing in mind how much they cost, and how much they can sell for. With the nanny state spreading through the western world, life is getting easier for bird thieves as the authorities seem to give less and less emphasis on what is considered low-grade crime. And with investment in the police service at an all time low, we just don’t seem to have enough police officers to deal with burglaries and break-ins, especially those stealing livestock. However, in the UK there has for the first time been a move to upgrade and consider the emotional value of an animal and owner, as well as its monetary value. As to date, animals are classed as ‘goods’ the same as car parts.

We are now seeing increased crime in all areas of life, as it seems criminals can just break in, walk into shops, help themselves with goods they have no intention to pay for, and knowing that the chances of getting caught are very slim. And if they are apprehended and caught, some of the sentences given out are nothing more than a joke, with some who have been convicted being required to carry out unpaid community work, which they never intend to carry out. For more serious crimes that are slightly higher up the ladder, offenders don’t appear to get more than a suspended sentence.

The reduction in policing and the lack of effective sentencing gives out a clear message to prospective criminals that crime can pay, encouraging it to increase, which puts our birds at risk. This means that we all have to be a lot more vigilant and security conscious to stop the criminals from just walking into our homes and properties, and taking what they want. Forget for a moment the monetary value of your birds and consider the trauma and heartache when loved and cherished pets are snatched away and valuable collections are destroyed. Of course, the microchip is a valuable part of identity, but only if your bird is recovered and the owner is sought. But because of their high value, and possibly stolen to order, your birds probably won’t be seen again, and the grief suffered by owners can be immense.

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