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How smart are Parrots – and what about the others?

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By Samuel Christopher

Parrots have a well-deserved reputation for being one of the smartest species of animals. These birds routinely exhibit intelligence traits that are on par with other animals that are considered intelligent. This includes species such as primates, dolphins, octopi, and humans. Certain species of parrots are particularly clever. This article outlines some of the species that exhibit signs of high intelligence.

Of course, animal intelligence is a tricky and imperfect science. Much of this is due to the slippery nature of intelligence in general. Are things truly intelligent just because they exhibit behaviours that align with our notions of intelligence?

Parrots appear to start learning rapidly early in life, and much of their learning process is social. Many species of parrots live together in massive flocks that give their young plenty of teachers. Young parrots learn in many of the same ways that young humans do, through a sense of curiosity and play.

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