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When Your Parrot Flies Away

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Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens

We continue last month’s look into parrot escape procedures with another article about emergency measures if and when you have one of your beloved flock out there free and loose!

Nowadays when more owners are being encouraged to take their pet on outings, let it experience a play aviary out in the sunshine, experiment with harnesses and even some controlled free-flight. The chances of a startled psittacine pet flying off and becoming disoriented or lost are increasing. Having a hookbill escape and leave you shouting in the distance can be a frightening experience for the keeper. But with calm resolve and an organised plan of action, the chances of recovering your beloved pet will be very likely. Here is an instance from our days in New Mexico that properly illustrates how we confront just such a challenge.

A four-year-old pet Red-tailed African Grey, was perched on his owner’s shoulder like many times previously for a calm stroll up the country road. Dozens of walks they had taken, and his wings had always been trimmed. Suddenly, for no explainable reason, the Grey bolted and with a furious flapping, flew several hundred yards into a pine woods. There he remained in silence.

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