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Parakeet Parties

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by Julia Page

There is of course an ongoing debate concerning the pros and cons of the Rose-ringed parakeet population in the UK, also known as the Ring-necked parakeet. These colourful birds certainly aren’t a native species with several theories suggested as to their likely introduction, but many other bird species aren’t either, such as the Canada goose, Egyptian goose, Mandarin duck, common pheasant and little owl, all of which are well established now in the UK. All arrived here at some point in the past including several species of humans, the earliest of which arrived approximately 900,000 years ago, with evidence of their existence including footprints and tools being discovered at Happisburgh in Norfolk.

Winters are difficult for everyone, especially this recent extra cold and relentless one during the cost of living and energy price rise crises. People such as myself who are disabled and find it difficult to keep warm will have spent a great deal of time so far this year staying indoors and not able to keep up their connections with the natural world. It’s very frustrating to be housebound for days on end without that all important vital link of fresh air, the smell of the soil and birdsong.

Now that’s where the parakeets come into this tale. I have a selection of bird feeders just outside my kitchen window and it has been a real lifeline for me to be able to observe these birds enjoying their morning and afternoon visits as it brings colour, sound, animation and endless photographic opportunity into my life.

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