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The Cost of Living … with parrots

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By Catalina Tate & Rebecca Pauli

You only have to switch on the TV or look at social media to see stories about the Cost of Living crisis facing people in the UK and many other parts of the world. Energy prices, food prices and many other daily essentials are rising. Animal charities up and down the country are reporting record levels of pets being abandoned or relinquished as people try to reduce their outgoings.

Although giving up a beloved pet is always going to be a last resort, there is no denying that our feathered, furry and scaled friends cost money to keep. Caring for upwards of 200 birds at Garden Feathers, including many for the rehoming charity Feathers Together, owner, Catalina Tate, and Livestock Manager, Rebecca Pauli, have plenty of experience managing budgets and optimising the resources available to them. Here, they share their top tips and ideas to help reduce the cost of living with parrots, while maintaining happy and healthy pets.

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