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When My Parrot Grows Beyond ‘Childhood’

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Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens

Fledgling hand-fed parrots, once they become used to their new life amongst humans, are insatiably curious and active from nearly the whole day long. Each dawn brings new things to learn, new stimuli, greater athleticism and coordination.

Over the years April and I have had many baby parrots in our household, most of which have spent their first year as young birds living intimately as part of our family. Juvenile parrots when raised properly, find joy and significance in so many routine things. They make us laugh with their fumbling comical attempts to manipulate odd objects and experiment with performing innovative acrobatic manoeuvres. When given the chance, they solicit constant attentions from the humans for whom they feel affection.

Can you remember when your pet psittacine was a baby bird, not still being hand-fed and dependent upon you, but a youngster four or five months of age and just beginning worldly experience. Those days were straightforward and carefree, were they not? It’s enthralling to be experiencing a pet parrot that is healthy, happy, and growing more confidently mature by leaps and bounds every week.

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