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The Parrot King

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By Ben Hendry

John Cassidy became fascinated with birds as a child helping to care for his dad’s racing pigeons. It’s a passion that has continued throughout his life, buying unusual pets like owls and peregrine falcons as his tastes became more adventurous. Now he tends to Scotland’s largest collection of parrots from the garden of his countryside home on the outskirts of Inverurie.

He has spent about £750,000 on a huge aviary complex, and their colourful inhabitants, over the past five years. But it’s more than just an expensive hobby. Now a renowned breeder, John is doing his bit to ensure that some of the world’s most endangered species can flourish.

The collective term for a group of parrots is a pandemonium, and it’s easy to see why as we arrive at the secluded spot. A cacophony of squawks greets us, with some birds doing their best impression of an air raid siren as feeding time nears.

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