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The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran

Even though the majority of minerals taken into the body are absorbed from the foods we eat, having certain minerals present in our drinking water plays a vital role in good health. The publication, ‘Nutrients in Drinking Water’ boldly declares that, “Demineralized water has a definite adverse influence on the animal and human organism.” This statement leaves no room for misunderstanding.

This report defines demineralized water as desalinated, reverse osmosis-treated or distilled water. Demineralized water is also called soft water because it contains minimal amounts of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium – calcium and magnesium are the primary minerals that contribute to water hardness.

The possible adverse health effects of consuming demineralized water include its direct adverse effects on metabolism, mineral homeostasis and other body functions. Demineralized water does not provide any calcium, magnesium, or other essential elements and microelements for absorption. Using demineralized water in cooking causes a loss of minerals and other essential elements in prepared food. And, consuming demineralized water can increase the dietary intake of toxic metals leached from water pipes and storage tanks.

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