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Teaching your parrot recall

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The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran

Last month we learned how teaching a fully flighted parrot the recall command can help save the bird’s life. This month we explain how simple and easy it is to teach this command to your birds.

With people who own dogs, one of the first commands they teach their furry friend is to come when their name is called. Why should this be any different with parrots? With parrots having the intelligence level of a young human child let’s take a look at this training process.

Even though Sharon started training Chookie Dookers when he was only seven weeks old, parrots of any age can learn to come when they are called. Chookie’s story is in the April issue (291) of Parrots magazine, in this column.

When Chookie first arrived at Sharon’s home his wings had been clipped by the breeder. This had two benefits. First, Chookie learned that riding around on Sharon’s shoulder was a very safe place for him.

And secondly, when Sharon called Chookie to come, offering a favourite food as a reward, he quickly scampered across the floor to her. Even though your parrots may be flighted, this is still a good way to begin this training process..

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