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Looked at Your Parrot’s Perches Lately?

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Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens

Out in our large walk-in aviaries, I can view the birds throughout the day as they move from one perching spot to another. First on a branch where the morning sun comes in, then on the food trays, later over on a vertical log fixed up against the wire caging, and still later on a secluded corner limb under the roofing for some afternoon shade. Each choice is different, some thicker, thinner, or angled differently from right to left, some soft and barky, or hard with no sway or movement. The idea is to give our psittacines many choices both for their mental satisfaction and for their optimum leg and foot health.

Over the years I have encountered many pet hookbills and breeders alike that spent a great portion of their days standing on a horizontal wooden dowel or worse a plastic, sandpaper, manzanita wood, or concrete one. Owners will claim it is their pet’s ‘favourite spot’. However, it might just as rightly be the lesser of many ‘unfavourable’ spots!

Sometimes after years in such an environment, when these parrots are given a new, large aviary in which to live, I have noticed some still choose to remain in one spot accomplishing very little exercise or nimble activity. Faced with such a complacent psittacine, the keeper may find it very hard to restructure these lazy habits.

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