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Ring-necked Parakeet

The world of Indian Ring-necked parakeets (P.k. manillensis) is all about genetics, and stunningly beautiful birds, now that these relatively easily-bred, prolific, hardy and long-lived parakeets are being produced in such an amazing array of colours and mutations. And, there is no doubt that this species is definitely on the up.

In fact, there are now so many Ring-necked mutations and colour variations available, that for the first time, this parakeet is seriously rivalling the budgerigar in the number of colour-forms now possible. But, because these birds are considerably larger, and are blessed with such innate elegance, the visual impact of many of these new colours seems far more intense.

Bill Bolton from Essex became captivated with the Ring-necked Parakeet, when he first set eyes on the then rare Lutino mutation back in the 70s, and was determined to source a pair. His first two birds, actually turned out to be two hens, but once paired-up in true partnerships, went on to breed very well.

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