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Coming Out of Lockdown

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By Maddy Johnston

Covid-19 has put a huge amount of stress on all of us, whether we’ve suffered from the virus or not. Uncertainty over our health, work, finances, and relationships, and not being able to see family and friends has taken its toll on just about everyone.

It’s no wonder people have turned to pets for companionship, fun, stress relief and entertainment in large numbers. In fact, according to the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association (PMFA), more than three million UK households acquired a pet during lockdown, and around 800,000 of these have been birds.

And boy how we’ve spoiled them! Rightly so, as they deserve it. They’ve had the best of us. At home all day, we’ve lavished attention on our new-found friends, played with them, petted them, talked to them and welcomed them into our hearts. But, with lockdown restrictions now loosening, and homeworking being wound down, there are fresh challenges on the horizon for everyone, not least for the birds and animals in our lives.

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