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Max needs a home

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By Lenka Panackova

More often than not, many parrot owners are faced with the very hard decision of having to find a new home for their much-loved companion, whatever the reasons may be.

When Max came to board at our Parrot Hotel two years ago, little did we know of the journey that he would take with us. Max, who is now 23 years old came from a very loving home, where he lived with his owners since he was little. Sandra, Max’s ‘mummy’, contacted us with the need to board Max for a period of a few weeks, as she was experiencing a few health problems and had been advised that perhaps her respiratory difficulties may be due to her owning a parrot.

As Sandra’s health worries had been ongoing for some time, and having undergone a number of tests, she decided to board Max for a longer period of time to give herself a break from the feathers and dust to see if this would, perhaps, demonstrate any change in her health and also prove the consultants either right or wrong. The idea was that Max would share his time away from home between us and family relations, and therefore giving Sandra the time off she needed for approximately three months.

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