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The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran

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Three ‘must feed’ foods

Whether our birds are in an aviary or perched in a corner of our living room, how we behave towards them has a direct influence on the foods they choose to eat. Because I am introducing the new concept of feeding parrots a selection of wholesome, real foods that provides them balanced nutrition, I’m sharing what the parrots have taught me about being successful when doing this.

In my new book, Polly Want a Sprout? discussed last month in this column, chapter 13 is all about having success when teaching a parrot to eat new, healthier foods. The ideas in this article complements the information in that chapter and are especially for the readers of Parrots magazine. I hope you find them helpful.

In addition to feeding your parrots a properly grown sprouting blend that contains complete protein, my next three ‘must feed’ foods are fruit, raw spinach and broccoli. After a brief recap of each food, we’ll focus on ways for teaching your birds to enjoy eating these health producing treats. The pie chart shown lists articles I’ve written in this column that provide you more details on these health promoting foods.

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