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Non-stick Dangers

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Pamela Howell highlights this potentially lethal issue

The dangers of non-stick coatings on cooking utensils continue to surface as bird owners new to the hobby, or those who haven’t read the articles published in this magazine before, do not realise how hazardous non-stick coatings can be when overheated. Many of you probably deal with this issue responsibly, but the dangers can’t be emphasised enough.

If you have one or several birds, you need to be aware of the toxic vapours overheated non-stick coatings on cooking utensils can be. If you were able to visit a commercial kitchen, you might not see many non-stick items being used by professional chefs. One of the issues one chef told me was that non-stick pans don’t last very long when used every day and become throw away items. “I will always stick (excuse the pun) to the tried and tested pots and pans as, if well looked after, they will last a lifetime”, – he means the stainless steel and cast iron ones.

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