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Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens

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Does Your Parrot Need a Friend? You Might Try One of These?

Many of us who keep pet birds have thought about whether one of our companion parrots might like to live with a winged friend. And with adoption groups providing access to many kinds of psittacines, many of which have already lived in a home, availability need not be a hard obstacle.

I have spent many dozens of hours working with owners to add another bird to a household with an eye towards it becoming a friend to a pet already there. There are lots of factors which can aid such a step, as there are certain parrot species which offer characteristics that can help ensure some success.

The type of parrot in the home and its role as a pet are important as is the strength of its bond with keepers. It is easier to bring in a benign, social and non-aggressive newcomer than it is one with limited flock tendencies and awareness. It also may be less problematic to introduce a bird to a parakeet, Ringneck or Eclectus, for example, than it is to work with an established Amazon or conure in the home.

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