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Ultraviolet Light as a Critical Component – by Donna Garrou
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The link between unwanted behaviours and unbalanced nutrition. The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran
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Parrots magazine exclusive – Green-winged Macaw egg smuggling on an industrial scale – by Rosemary Low
In issue 316 -
How much exercise does your parrot get? Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
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Natural light and good health

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By John Courteney-Smith

Birds, as with all life, have an intricate and rather wonderful relationship with light, or rather the energy that is contained within light. Light, as you may remember from the preceding four parts of this review series, impacts life, sustains life and maintains intricate and complex mechanisms within the body. Some of these processes lead to essential vitamin production and the assimilation, storage and use of the earth’s minerals. Yes, it is the full spectrum of terrestrial daylight that not only allows life to exist, but it also creates our weather, generates our magnetic fields and controls the very action of our oceans.

Yes, the sun is the apex provider, a force of unimaginable power and one that must be understood, utilised and respected. Light, from any source of projection is ‘energy/fuel’, be that from a candle, LED, fluorescent lamp or the sun. Countless billions of photons travelling within their own colour and carrying their own level of energy.

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