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Is your parrot happy?

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By Robert McKenzie

Our pet companions are very special to us and it is therefore important that we care for them in the best way possible. Their surroundings, a proper diet, adequate and sufficient housing, stimulation and the opportunity to fly are major considerations that must be borne in mind if your parrot is to be happy.

Homes and properties can be very different, but the welfare of owners’ birds must always come first. We have to understand that our parrots are not far removed from the wild, if at all, unlike dogs and cats that have become domesticated over the centuries. Parrots, in comparison, are very new to being kept in captivity and we are still in the very early stages of understanding their needs.

I have visited many homes and events around the world and have been astonished at the poor care that some birds have had to endure. And it is not just companion pet owners who are completely ignorant to the needs of their birds, but some breeders too.

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