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Neiva Guedes, Saviour of the Pantanal Hyacinths

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People Helping Parrots by Rosemary Low

In 1987 the Hyacinth Macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) had an estimated population of 2,500 individuals in the wild, with approximately only 1,500 for the entire Pantanal. Threatened with extinction, due to trafficking and habitat loss, it was placed on Appendix I of CITES in 1987, making commercial trade illegal. But illegal trapping continued, which could have decimated the Pantanal population.

Scant information on the biology and life history of the species existed. Indeed, in Joseph Forshaw’s classic work Parrots of the World (third revised edition) published in 1989, he stated that nests were often found in the trunks of Mauritia palms. This was incorrect.

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