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In issue 301 -
What Does Polly Say? Species Differences In Vocal Learning By Parrots Revealed By Citizen Scientists by GrrlScientist
In issue 301 -
Good management to avoid hand-rearing. By Rosemary Low
In issue 301 -
The Never ending Enrichment Conundrum. Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
In issue 301 -
The Cost of Living … with parrots. By Catalina Tate & Rebecca Pauli
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Psittacine Breeding Tips, Volume III

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Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens

I have been questioned by many beginning bird keepers over the years with queries about simple avicultural subjects the answers to which are readily available in a wide circulation of books and magazines about psittacines. Things like, “Can you tell me how to get my pair of cockatiels to breed?” Or, “What should I feed my Green-cheeked Conure?” I tend to patiently reply to such requests, but it does make me wonder about the depth of commitment the parrot or parakeet owner has developed.

The avicultural world is replete with amateur bird breeders who basically ‘wing it’ when it comes to taking care of their birds. Some believe it is easy work to breed psittacines while some are well intentioned, but rather lazy, and some have dollar signs in their eyes. In a gentle manner, my advice to such hobbyists is, “Study and work harder so you know what you are doing or else give up the dream!”

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