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Gang Gang Cockatoo

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By Scott Breckenridge
The Gang Gang Cockatoo (Callocephalon Fimbriatum) is the smallest of the black cockatoo family. The name coming from a language spoken by the native Wiradjuri people, a group of Indigenous Australian Aboriginals from the central coast of New South Wales. The Gang Gang is found in the south-eastern states of Australia from New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory down to Victoria and further around to South Australia. Commonly residing in cooler wetter forests and woodlands particularly alpine bush land.

The Gang Gang is a mini black cockatoo. Measuring in at an average of 34cm from the top of its head to the tip of its short tail with an adult weight of around 230grams. Predominately a dark grey coloured bird with lighter grey and white scalloping over the feather tips. Crowned with a tuft of fairy floss-like feathers. The cock bird’s crest and head are red in colour with a greenish tinge visible on the wing converts. Whereas in females the crest and head remains grey, but from the neck down, over the chest to the vent, has an orangey yellow subtle barring. Their mandibles are ivory in colour. Juvenile birds can often be mistaken for females. In some cases, the cock birds will feather up first with mostly all red adult plumage achieved completely by three years of age. Their voice is raspy gremlin-like chatter magnified in intensity to sound off intruders.

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