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Seasonal changes and parrots

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Anywhere in the world seasons will change and in this article Jennifer Ryan explains how these changes can affect our birds

Remember the line “Summer time and the living is easy” from the famous blues song, “Summer Time”, but this may not seem as appropriate for people with mature companion parrots. It can be somewhat difficult to live with parrots if they are experiencing changes in the season, including hormonal stimulation of increased light and warmth in their environment.

Changes with the seasons can also bring about changes in our parrot-family birds. They are very aware of such things as light, temperature, humidity, changes in the noises outside and changes in our energies. The two greatest problems that some people have with their parrots are increased screaming and breeding behaviour, which in some parrots, but not all, can increase instinctive territorial aggression. As more babies are raised within a species, especially with the smaller parrots that can, and often do, breed up to a few times a year creating many more generations, certainly more than the larger parrots who many naturally breed once a year or even once every two years.

With many generations, it becomes more difficult to determine what part of their behaviour is instinctive and what is learned. With most companion parrots it is a balance of both.


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