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Raspberries, their unique contribution to good health

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The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran

Red raspberries have been identified as containing an abundance of powerful antioxidants. Although when fresh, they are an easily damaged and fragile fruit, if treated carefully they can be made to last for several days. This provides you and your flock with a health promoting, tasty treat. Because of toxic pesticide residues, always buy organic berries.

The red raspberry was first discovered during the time of Christ, local people gathered these wild fruits in the foothills of Mount Ida, Turkey. It is the name of this mountain, sacred in Greek mythology, which gives this plant its botanical name Rubus idaeus.

In the fourth century, Palladius, a Roman agriculturist, wrote about cultivating the red raspberry, and seeds have been discovered at numerous Roman forts in Britain. This leads botanists to believe that the Romans were responsible for spreading red raspberry cultivation throughout Europe.

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