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Socialisation Revisited, Part I

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by Sally Blanchard

Throughout the early 1980s to the early 1990s the majority of my articles were based on taming wild-caught birds and winning their trust. Gradually, and as more and more parrots were being raised domestically, my research and experiences involved the importance of early socialisation. My writing was mostly about the serious problems that the production ethics in raising parrot chicks were causing. It still is my belief that many of the problems domestically-raised parrots develop that resulted in them not succeeding as human companions, were and are still, based on the lack of quality socialisation and the production ethic.

Soon most of my articles started dealing with and solving behavioural problems and writing about how to develop a trust-building mutual buddy bond with their companion parrots and most of all, making up for the loss of early socialisation. Then when it became obvious that there was an overpopulation of parrots in need of rescue, adoption, and sanctuary, my article emphasis became winning the trust of re-homed parrots and the problems they might exhibit in a new home.

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