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Stress reduction in Vet Visits

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by Stacey Vickery, RVN CGVNES & Thomas Dutton BVM&S CertAVP(ZM) DipECZM(avian) MRCVS

Unfortunately not all parrots enjoy a visit to the vet, in a similar way that not all humans are enthusiastic to visit the doctor. Parrots may need to visit the veterinary hospital for a number of reasons – routine health checks, illness, injury, or pre-export examination for birds travelling with their owners on holiday. Fortunately, with prior planning, we can make these experiences as positive as possible, to the point where many of our parrots start to enjoy vet visits.

A happy non-stressed parrot will be a better patient, veterinary tests will be more sensitive and reliable, particularly blood tests, and a sick parrot is likely to recover faster. Training the parrot with useful skills for the veterinary practice can also help when it comes to medicating or providing first aid treatment to your parrot at home.

Training a parrot for vet visits, handling and examination can start as soon as a new parrot enters a home. The earlier these practices are encompassed into the parrot’s routine, the more successful an owner will find them. After a parrot learns a behaviour such as taking food from a syringe, or being wrapped in a towel, it is important this is maintained throughout the parrot’s life, so the lesson isn’t forgotten.

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