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In Part 3 of her article, Sally Blanchard covers more of the smaller species we keep as hobbyists

One of the first Senegals I met was when a woman called me because her parrot suddenly hated her. This was a fairly easy situation to remedy. One afternoon she had come home with long bright red fake fingernails. The minute she reached in his cage, her formerly sweet bird bit her and then threw himself around the cage as if he was terrified. While this isn’t true of them all, some of the smaller parrots in the Poicephalus family can be uncomfortable with change, especially if it is dramatic. Other than that, for the most part, the ones I have met have been delightful, if not a little full of themselves.

People have often compared the Senegal to a Caique, probably because of their size and attitude, but most are nowhere as high energy as a Caique and are, therefore, probably easier to manage.

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