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A Beginner's Guide To Breeding Best-In-Show

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By Bob Wilson

Whether you are a pet Budgie breeder, or someone new to the hobby, sooner or later you will most likely become aware of bird shows and wonder how your birds would compete. First step is to attend a show in your area and see first-hand how it is organised and have a look at all the entries and award winners.

From the day most Budgerigar breeders attend their first show, thoughts and efforts usually focus on the million dollar question, “How do I breed a bird worthy of winning the coveted Best-In-Show Award?”

It’s no different for someone like me, returning to the hobby after an eight year break for business and family commitments. The challenge is there, especially when you know you have to start again and immediately compete against the best champions around. It is back to the drawing board and a chance to use the guidelines that worked in the past to get back in the winning circle.

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