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Travelling with your Parrot

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By Diana Craig

Travelling with parrots can often be easier than travelling with dogs or cats, as long as the birds’ needs are taken into consideration ahead of time. Take your smart phone and car charger and a list of emergency numbers you may need. Plan ahead to make sure you have everything your parrot will need, both to travel and be comfortable when you get where you are going. This could include a portable T-stand and a collapsible travel cage with perches, toys, cups, and a towel or blanket to cover the cage side if the sun is shining too brightly through the window. Food can include various dry foods, a few small jars of organic baby food, bottled water, and some bags of veggies and fruits.

An emergency travel kit should contain bottled water, a large towel or a blanket, a syringe, spray bottle, torch (US – flashlight), and a small, easily-carried carrier that just fits the bird and which is easy to carry. For example, if you have car trouble or a flat tyre on a hot day during a trip, a spray bottle and extra water can keep you and your parrot from becoming overheated while you wait for help. A blanket can keep your parrot warmer in the winter if you have an emergency or a breakdown.

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