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Budgie Enrichment

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By Laura Miles

With new research being carried out on Psittacine nutrition, emotional needs and intelligence all the time, more people are thankfully embracing the field of enrichment. This is a wonderful advancement in the overall welfare of our birds, but the tragedy is that smaller psittacines are being overlooked.

In this article I will focus on Budgies, a delightfully intelligent and active bird. There are still tragically high numbers of Budgies kept in complete isolation from their own kind, suffering from a lack of adequate exercise, lack of stimulation, untreated illnesses and diet related disease.

It is a common belief that Budgies can’t forage or take part in enrichment activities, which I hope is a myth that, after reading what I have to say, you will leave behind. Let's explore some
of the areas of a Budgie’s life that we can use to enhance and enrich their daily experiences.

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