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Planted Aviaries for Parrots

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When I began my large aviary project on the Big Island Hawaii in 1993, I was essentially told by many experienced aviculturists that one could not keep large parrots in planted flights. The decades since have proven this an incorrect assumption. If you place a Macaw or two in a cage with a single live tree and give them no other green browse to sample, of course the birds are going to undertake destruction of that tree. But when a planted flight is designed properly taking into account the number of hookbills and the kind of chewing they are likely to do, it becomes much easier to stay one step ahead of complete foliage obliteration!

All large parrots are different. I had a neighbour with an eight year old pair of Green-winged Macaws in a 20-foot flight with one large guava tree. After two years, the tree is larger than when they introduced the Macaws.

Here is a brief list of my rules for keeping parrots in planted aviaries:

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