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By Sally Blanchard

In this article, Sally Blanchard gives her opinion on how best to keep our birds active and healthy.

Something I have really never understood is the number of people that I have met over the years who thought it was horrible to keep parrots in cages. Perhaps if we had called them “parrot homes” from the very beginning, there wouldn't be that stigma that some people have about cages. I have noticed that some owners put their parrots on a T-stand instead of a cage, which actually restricts activity.

In a properly set up spacious cage, there is a lot more activity possible. If, on the other hand, a parrot is kept in a bird-safe room with hanging perches, boings, swings and toys hanging near them with a way to access food and water, that would give it lots of activity. In a few places I have lived, I had set-ups like that for the birds during the day that hung from the office ceiling. I was careful to arrange them so that there was no danger of them messing on office equipment. Not all of them could be out at the same time and they would be in their cages as they took turns. They also slept in their cages at night.

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