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The Narrie Bluebonnet

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By Wayne and Lois Gearing

Undeniably the colonisation of the Great Southern Land by the British Empire, initially albeit as an outdoor prison, bestowed upon the Australian continent many gifts, opportunities and advances. However, like every penny there are two sides to every coin and one is always perceived as the loser.

For Australia, the losing side of the penny toss includes the rate of indigenous fauna and flora extinctions. These extinctions can be directly attributed to the increase in human population and the various items of living baggage the British people brought with them, both intended and accidental. These items wreaked havoc on the Australian landscape and the level of that havoc is only truly coming home to roost to the Australian people in recent times.

Australia can now boast the highest extinction rate of mammals in the world and a current total of 29 bird species since the lands were first claimed for King George III. Current research estimates are predicting several more animals will slip into non-existence by 2040, if nothing changes. The birds will be the first to go, as birds simply do not endear public devotion.

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