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Ten items to avoid feeding your parrot

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by Sarah Jackson

There are quite a number of foods and drinks that are unsuitable for feeding to your parrot, and we have listed just 10 for you to take note of. Some of the items make sense, but some may surprise you. Please investigate further, as this is just a starting point, to gain your awareness.

It may be fun to share food with your birds, and lovely for your pet to be included in the socialising at meal times, but sadly some human foods can be harmful or even fatal for your bird. Another suggestion is that you also use organic fruits and vegetables to avoid the chemicals that are found in non-organic produce.

The digestive and respiratory systems in birds are extremely delicate, so care and awareness can often save the day. We hear from time to time that someone has suddenly lost their beloved parrot for no apparent reason – could it be they have fed something that was harmful?

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